Thanks to your support, Zen2.0 2020, “Mindful Planet” has successfully completed its entire program.
Thank you for your support.
We look forward to seeing you again next year.

Thanks to your support, Zen2.0 2020, “Mindful Planet” has successfully completed its entire program.
Thank you for your support.
We look forward to seeing you again next year.

2020 Theme

Mindful Planet

The 2020 Zen2.0 theme is “Mindful Planet” as we have the vision of sharing the planet in a spiritually enriching way with all of humanity, across all borders and race.

With the entire human race being faced with unprecedented times with the pandemic, oddly enough many of us had the chance to mindfully introspect our daily lives. We believe in the possibility that “each of us living our lives with care” can lead to the regeneration of Mother Earth. We decided on this theme believing that having dialog, deepening and sharing the joy with everyone will further our learning.
We are looking forward to deepening our learning together with you!

*Please note: This event will be recorded and used for publicities

2020 Speakers

2020 Program

Zen 2.0 2020 Program

About Zen2.0

An International Zen and Mindfulness Conference held in Kamakura.


The Zen Philosophy advocates the attitude of “including each and every thing/being as it is, without excluding one or the other, or just homogenising into a single thing when conflicts and contradictions arise in the world”

At Zen2.0, we aim to realise a society in which the “Self”, “Nature” and “Connection” are in complete harmony.


Zen2.0 offers a place where participants can be inspired from the mind and body, through diverse speakers and practitioners who can shed light on the seemingly opposite truths such as “the search for the intersection of wisdom from both technology and eastern traditions” or body techniques that requires both practice of the mind and body inseparably”



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Feel your body, Know your mind

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Zen and Mindfulness

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Kencho-ji Temple

This year, Zen 2.0 will be broadcasted from Kenchoji Temple, the head temple of the Kenchoji School of Rinzai sect of Buddhism, located in Kita-Kamakura.

Kenchoji, which is a historical temple dating back 760 years+, has been the venue for the first, second, and third Zen2.0 conference.
Many participants who have come to Kenchoji have been astonished saying, “The power of the location is amazing.

Those who have actually visited this sacred place have felt the pure and refreshing atmosphere of Kenchoji— the clean breeze blowing through temple grounds, the rustling of the leaves as the wind caresses them, and the chirping of the birds.

Unfortunately, most of you will not be able to visit Kenchoji Temple this year, but we are planning offer you an experience as close to if you were visiting Kenchoji in person as possible. Even if it’s online, we believe the power of the wonderful place of Kenchoji can reach the world.

And, with the help of the online venue of Kenchoji, we would like to engage in a deep dialogue with you to imagine how humanity can reclaim the Mindful Planet: a planet filled with compassion and love.
We hope you will enjoy coming to Zen 2.0.


Abundant blessings of nature
A city surrounded by rich seas and mountains, valuing sustainability

Potential of Humans
The Wisdom of Harmony accumulated throughout history and the possibilities and connections of diverse people

Creation of various elemental technologies that update human potential

A Mindful Economic Ecosystem
A business and economic system in which the independent individual is organically connected and the mind is the essential capital.

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