ZEN Seminar - 2018

Suizen(Zen blowing meditation): Breath and Sound speak.

In the Edo period, Suizen was one of Zen practices.
Suizen teaches us that there’s always “breathing” in daily life.
Shakuhachi’s sound is called “Single Tone Nirvana.” It is nothing but “Ku (emptyness)” which unites life and death. There’s no expected result. Suizen just tells that it is enough just to relish every single day, feel and “forgive”. Please feel it through the sound of Shakuhachi.


Breathing techniques to know yourself, and Shakuhachi workshop

The workshop will be closing in on the secret behind why abdominal breathing is important in Suizen(Zen blowing meditation) or Zen meditation, and teaches the basis of breathing techniques. The latter half of the workshop would let you observe the condition of your body and mind through Shakuhachi. Shakuhachi makes you aware of the importance of ordinary days.