Yuki Julia Ito

Yuki Julia Ito

A survivor of an eating disorder for more than a decade while working as a executive secretary, interpreter, human resources trainer, and bilingual facilitator at Narita Airport, Canada’s B.C province tourism office, and several other global companies.

Studying psychology, Zen, dance therapy, and coaching for self-help, and ended up being an interpreter/ translator in the field of self-exploration and well-being.

Foreign executives called me an ambassador, means interpreter for connecting different cultures beyond words.

“Self-compassion – taking good care of yourself”; breathing exercises, activating the five senses and sensory perceptions, and self-care of the body and mind will be more and more important in this VUCA time. Self compassion is a life theme for myself and others who need my support. – NLP Master Practitioner

  • RYT Yoga Alliance Teacher
  • Mindful Self-Compassion Trainee

◉Zen2.0: Breathing meditation.
Relieving brain and body fatigue. Self-care with deep breathing and simple movements.