TADASHI MATSUKI Seminar - 2018

A Hero’s Journey, Death, and Rebirth
-”To grow” means to keep dying-


Where and in what time do we live every day?

Don’t many people, not living in the moment,
live in “that day, that place”, the past?

Surmising the future based on the past… in fear of time…
Are we not living in a trance
Possessed by the thought of evading the danger that is to happen?

“Past -> Future” is an illusion.
It is an illusion inscribed into our brains.
Many people live their lives in an illusion.

I want to live a reality that is “now”.
I can only hope that the people I connect to feel the same way.

With the heart of great WakanTanka (the wonder that far surpasses human intelligence = the power of creation), obeying that natural instinct of life “to be that way,” I want to live death and rebirth again and again.

Resonating to the energy that it releases, I want to create life as a person would sing and dance.

Shamans are known to be able to put to work their sentient (a sense so subtle it is unable to be put into words) awareness, also known as the Second Attention. In this lecture, I would like to put to work my Second Attention as shamans do, and speak of the process of creating a unique life through the storytelling of mythologies and through the telling of my experiences with rituals.