STEPHEN MURPHY-SHIGEMATSU Seminar & Experience Session

【SEMINAR】From Mindfulness to Heartfulness

9/3 9:00~ KENCHO-JI 2F Oh-shin-kaku

In a world in which humans are losing the capacity for caring we need to return our focus to the heart by integrating science and traditional cultural wisdom. Heartfulness is a way of being and living with mindfulness, compassion, and responsibility. Making peace in the world and transforming society begins within our own hearts and extends out in kindness and service to others.

【EXPERIENCE SESSION 5】A Moment of Heartful Community

9/3 11:30~ Kamakura Gakuen 2F Social Studies Rm. 2

Join us for a moment of respite and revival in heartful community, experiencing the beauty and wonder of coming together in vulnerability, authenticity, and presence. Bring a beginner’s mind, a sense of ichi-go, ichi-e (once in a lifetime opportunity) and a spirit of witnessing that proclaims, “Here I am!”