Sarah Iwahama

Sarah Iwahama

Representative of the share space “Think Space” where she provides Mindful Life x Workation
Programs: Mindful Park, a children’s mindfulness education community; Co-Chairperson of WELL-BEING UP for mental and physical health; Mindfulness Organizer. First Class Architect

Born in 1981 in Kanagawa Prefecture. Graduated from Gakushuin University, Mathematics dept, Faculty of Science.
Graduated from Kyoto University of Art. Architecture Design Course. Currently enrolled in the Graduate School of Humanities and Social Sciences at Musashino University.

She had worked as a system development consultant at an IT company, followed by working in sales development for residential and investment use at real estate development company.

She started up her businesses in 2014 , to design a society where people feel happier by redesigning and enriching the space, lifestyle and human connection.

Ongoing projects

“Think Space Kamakura” :workation space where people can spend mindful time in touch with Japanese culture and nature, and improve their concentration and creativity.

“WELL-BEING UP” : program that awakens the potential abilities of the mind and body and that makes well-being into a habit in the midst of connection.

“Mindful Park” : mindfulness education community that lays the foundation for living by your own value based on the search for life, the law of nature and Japanese wisdom.

“Mindfullnes Living” : provides mindfulness and compassion in daily life.

“Urban Workation”: suggests a new work lifestyle that connects Tokyo and the Shonan area.

Based on mindfulness and compassion, Think Space runs a community , “mindfulness learning & practice community” to help qualify life.

Every Monday at 10pm, the program offers online relaxation before bedtime – with mindful soft sound of the Singing Bowl – a sound meditation session.