MEISOUMAI KAORI Seminar - 2018

Feeling Meditation, Dancing Meditation: Experience meditative dancing

The term ‘meditation’ conjures up images of sitting quietly, without moving. Meanwhile, meditation is practised in various forms, such as walking meditation and eating meditation. The style I offer is ‘meditative dancing’ (meisoumai), which entails meditating while dancing or dancing while meditating.


During this workshop, we will experience hikari, the dance of ‘light’ which is dedicated at numerous temples and shrines throughout Japan. We prepare the breath and the body, and dance a beautiful tale using gentle, spacious movements.


Hikari can be danced by anyone regardless of age or gender, and even if one is not flexible or has no dance experience.


Previous participants have commented:


‘At some point I happened to notice that I had entered a meditative state while dancing.’


‘My mind became very calm, and tears welled up.’


‘I was delighted to be able to experience a pure aspect of myself – the light (hikari).’


I invite you to take this opportunity to experience ‘dancing meditation’, and to feel the beautiful light inside you.