Koko Niwa Seminar - 2018

Listen Mindfully to the Body: Sacred inner journeys derived from breath

A deep and sacred inner journey induced by breathing

Breath work is a method of self therapy comprising of continuous full body breath cycles at a rate slightly faster than normal, and it helps let go of past conditioning and and bad habits (routinized patterns) that has limited your possibilities. This modality has attracted attention in the West in the last several decades, and some say “One session of breath work amounts to ten years of therapy sessions.” It accesses deep layers of the altered state of consciousness, detoxifying your emotions and cleansing both your mind and body.

It is said that Buddha preached “If you wish to improve the quality of your life, you must improve the quality of your breathing.” Your breaths are your mind. Please come and experience with us a deep and sacred inner journey induced by breathing.

*We kindly invite people with no mental or physical ailments. Please come with a not-so-full stomach in comfortable clothes. It might be a good idea to bring other items to facilitate the session, such as a blanket or a blindfold.

Please bring:

· Writing implements
· Drinks of your choice such as water
· If necessary, something to cover your body, eyes, and face with, such as a blanket or a towel. (Yoga mats will be provided by us.)

Please note:

· Please try to keep your breakfast light.
· Please wear loose clothes, comfortable to move in.
· We recommend that you keep your schedule after breath work hustle-free, so that you can spend your time at your leisure.