JEREMY HUNTER, PH.D Seminar - 2018

Transforming Japan: How mindfulness helps social leaders strengthen society

Do you work in a high-passion, high-commitment situation for the social good? How do you ensure your well-being while being innovative and sustainable in the long-term commitment to your mission?

Social Entrepreneurs represent one of the most dynamic sectors of Japanese society. This session explores how social leaders use mindfulness and other self-management practices to enhance their ability to sustain themselves, their organizations while positively engaging social challenges. You will hear directly from the leaders themselves about their own experiences.

Creating Growth Energy to Discover New Possibilities

It is common to hear narratives about Japan’s future that are dark and hopeless. When you are locked in a mindset of pessimism it is difficult if not impossible to create innovative, positive options for growth. This session introduces you to leaders who have practiced a method for transforming their own energy and the often dramatic shifts they experienced as a result. We will also practice this skill together so you can experience it yourself!