FUMIHIRO HOSHINO Seminar & Experience Session

【SEMINAR】Zen and Shugendo – The Connection Between Mountain Philosophy and the Japanese People

9/2 15:20~ KENCHO-JI 1F Hojo

Shugendo is a philosophy and a study which is practiced by watching how we feel with Mother Nature.

Thinking of Zen, why did Buddha achieve enlightenment under a bo tree?
He became one with the bo tree.
People will be spiritually awakened when they are in nature and merge into it.

It is not necessary to think and understand something in your mind. The thought doesn’t make anyone happy, and you cannot see any hope for the future.

What you need is to feel deeply in your heart. It is the path to happiness. Try to connect, feel and enjoy nature now !

【EXPERIENCE SESSION 3】A Sacred Mountain Hike in Kamakura


We are going to hike in a mountains of Kamakura, celebrating the gods, the goddess, and spirits of nature.

* This workshop will be cancelled in the case of rain.
* Please register in advance for this workshop. We will announce details on our Web site when available.
* Wear clothes and shoes suitable for a mountain hike. Changing space will be provided.
* Bring a bottle of water, a towel, and a backpack.