Eiji Han Shimizu Seminar - 2018

How to Practice Low-brow, Secular Mindfulness

That’s so low class! How to practice secular mindfulness
Mindfulness that can only be used at retreats, zen temples, and yoga studios are meaningless.
Learn life skills that anyone can use starting from tomorrow in moments when we feel like our hearts are about to break, in everyday life lacking deep emotions, when trouble arises at work, on transportation during rush hour, and in front of that dude that annoys you, in the midst of our vivid realities!

How to Become a Demi-god, via the Wim Hof Method

Introduction to the Wim Hof Method, which makes it possible to become somewhat of a super human
We will impart to everyone at Zen 2.0 the Wim Jof Method, which has attracted attention all over the world.

You will create a better version of “your” existing mind and body so that you can climb mountains naked at -30 degrees, greatly multiply the number of push-ups you can do, control your immune system and overcome hay fever, and stop being nervous on a TED stage.
(Participants, please check how many push-ups you can do at one go and how many seconds you can hold your breath for in advance.)