【SEMINAR】Parenting, Mindfulness, and Self-Compassion More Important Than Self-Esteem?

9/3 10:20~ KENCHO-JI 2F Tokugetsu-roh

Mindfulness comes from Buddhist thought, and there is as another thought related to liberation from suffering called self-compassion (compassion for oneself).

There are three entry points to self-compassion. One is mindfulness, while the other two are common human experience and kindness to ourselves. Parenting can bring the happiest times to our lives and also the most difficult times.

During the difficult times, one can find themself saying or doing things that they regret later. In these times, practicing mindfulness helps us avoid being overwhelmed by negative feelings. Taken further, practicing other elements of self-compassion is helpful to overcoming these difficult times. Some ideasintroduced in this speech are: the relationship between mindfulness and self-compassion, the elements of self-compassion and its application to parenting, the benefits of self-compassion, and more. Self-compassion could be an alternative to self-esteem.

Fostering self-esteem has long been regarded as important. However, recently harmful effects of this approach have been suggested by scientific study. The importance of nurturing self-compassion over self-esteem will be discussed.