Eating meditation

Eating can be a simple way to practice mindfulness in our everyday lives. Every time we eat mindfully, the practice allows us to tune in to ourselves, allowing us to notice our thoughts, feelings, and bodily sensations. We become aware of the interconnection of earth, living beings, and appreciate the life as we nourish our body. We offer our presence to the food that is in front of us. We pay close attention to the look, smell, taste, feel of the food we are eating, also the textures and flavors, how the food make us feel during and after eating. With this meditation practice, eating becomes enriching experiences of our daily lives, instead of simply satisfying our hunger or cravings.

Important reminder for participants

This session requires tickets.

For the eating meditation practice session, please bring your own food to practice with.
You can either 1) reserve Zen2.0 Shojin* style Lunch Box, or 2) bring your own lunch.
*Shojin: the traditional dining style of Buddhist monks prepared without meat, fish or other animal products

1) Reserved Zen2.0 Shojin Lunch Box

The lunch box will be prepared by Hachinoki, a renowned traditional Japanese restaurant in Kamakura. The menu of this lunch box was carefully planned with the collaboration of the master chef and Zen 2.0 staff members. Advance order is necessary via Peatix site as lunch boxes are NOT available for purchase onsite. To prevent the risk of food poisoning, the finished lunch boxes will be collected onsite by Zen2.0 staff and please refrain from taking the leftovers home with you.

2) If you plan to bring your own food, we highly recommend having vegetarian cuisine (non-animal product) in order to practice the teaching of non-harming in Buddhism for this session.

Please use the luncheon mats we provide onsite and refrain from placing food and drinks directly on the tatami mat.

Please take ALL the garbage except for the boxes of reserved lunch and drinks that are purchased from vending machines in Kencho-ji Temple.

Please be seated and have your food ready by 12:40.

Partial participation of the session is not suggested.