[Dialogue] Modern Buddhist Practice in a Post-religious, Post-capitalist World

  • Shoukei Matsumoto × Junya Ogino


This is a conversation with Shoukei Matsumoto, the young hopeful of the Japanese Buddhist community who is the head of Mirai no Shushokujuku (a cram school for temple management), and acclaimed management consultant Junya Ogino, who is introducing Japanese management to SIY, a fusion of mindfulness and state-of-the-art IT developed by Google.

They will discuss the background to the rapid spread of the mindfulness boom in recent years.

In particular, by digging down into the issues that derive from the “relationship between the group and the individual” in Japan, they will clarify the contemporary meaning of mindfulness as a form of training our inner self. In addition, while the scientific point of view has been providing evidence for the effectiveness of mindfulness, how should this be communicated to the public? We look forward to them introducing what they have learned from their daily activities.