Mindful Tasting (Chocolate Meditation)
OPEN ZEN x Bean to Bar Chocolate

This tasting session is for Dandelion Chocolate, which is made from only cocoa beans and organic cane sugar. It will take place in the Shotoin, a building with ties to the Imperial Family, established by Arawabi Takamine, the second son of the 88th emperor of Japan, Go-Saga.

This fall, experience Zazen meditation under the guidance of an orthodox priest, opening yourself up to tranquility and mindfulness, so you can focus on the chocolate in your mouth, and savor it with all five senses.

*Contents may vary slightly

  1. Introduction & guidance
  2. Pre-tasting
  3. Zazen meditation instruction
  4. Main tasting
  5. Experience sharing

*Please do not bring food into the venue
*Please wear clothes easy to sit in for the Zazen meditation

Chocolate Tasting

Just like wine and coffee, you can also have a “tasting” for chocolate.

In this tasting session, you will taste three different chocolate bars made by Dandelion Chocolate, after a Zazen meditation to sharpen the senses.

As you taste the unique qualities of cocoa beans, we will deepen your understanding of the producing area and manufacturing process, to help you compare tastes and heighten your enjoyment of chocolate.

*Contents: Chocolate Tasting
About Bean to Bar
About the cocoa bean producing area

Dandelion Chocolate

The San Franciscan Dandelion Chocolate has created a new category of chocolate, “Bean to Bar”, in which they carry out all processes themselves, from purchasing the cocoa beans, to roasting, tempering, and molding.

With their only ingredients being single origin cocoa beans and organic cane sugar, they produce chocolate that draws out cocoa’s natural flavor and characteristics.

1st Overseas Store in Tokyo: In addition to a factory and cafe in Kuramae, they have now opened a store in Gekumae, Ise, one in Ichinenzaka, Higashiyama, Kyoto, and one in Kamakura Ekimae.