About Lunch Boxes

Lunch Saturday and Sunday

We are pleased to offer a special lunch box (obento) on both Saturday (8 Sept) and Sunday (9 Sept). Cost is 1,000 yen each day, including tax. Please purchase in advance via the Peatix site (https://zen20-20180909.peatix.com/).

The obento lunch is prepared by Hachinoki, Kamakura’s highly regarded, Michelin-starred purveyor of delicious traditional Japanese cuisine which expresses the spirit of Zen. (Please visit .)

The obento lunch is completely vegetarian, and contains a selection of hors d’oeuvres, stewed vegetables, cooked rice blended with vegetables, and pickles.

In addition, we give thanks to ITO EN for providing water and/or green tea to all Zen2.0 participants. (Please visit .)

NB For participants attending the Saturday session on eating meditation, please either purchase a ticket for Saturday’s obento or bring your own lunch. There will be no complimentary distribution of obento to session participants.

Please note, to reduce the risk of contamination, obento leftovers will not be permitted to be taken off site.

Details regarding the distribution of the obento will be provided on the day.

Other Food and Drink

Drinks can be purchased at the vending machine located inside Kencho-ji Temple. Please note, no food is sold at the temple. Further, there are no convenience stores or other shops selling food nearby.

At the venue, NEVER place drinks or food directly on the floors and tatami mats, as doing so may stain them. We ask for your cooperation in keeping this sacred Zen temple clean for everybody.