About Lunch Boxes

Zen2.0 boxed lunch details:

On both September 2nd and September 3rd, we will be providing one boxed lunch and one bottled drink (tea or water) for each purchased ticket. The cost of the boxed lunch and bottled drink is included in the ticket price.

*Those who have purchased tickets for both days (September 2nd and 3rd) may receive our boxed lunch and drink on both days.*

*Be sure to finish your meal on site. Due to the possibility of spoilage, we strictly prohibit taking our boxed lunches home with you.*

Hachinoki special lunch box sample

– We will be serving our boxed lunches in designated areas on the first and second floor of Kencho-ji Temple. On the day of the event, please receive your lunch according to the announcements in the venue, as well as the directions of the associates.

– All the costs for food items provided at the workshop are included in the ticket price.

– NEVER leave food on the floors and tatami mats at the venue, as doing so may stain them. We sincerely ask for your cooperation in keeping our sacred Zen temple clean for everybody.

– Drinks other than those provided by us can be purchased at the vending machine located inside Kencho-ji Temple. Unfortunately, there are no food items being sold inside the temple. Please note that there are no convenience stores located near the event venue.

– Regarding the event being held in the Zen Temple, the food served by us is not vegetarian (Buddhist cuisine). As we prepare our boxed lunches, we will be prioritizing using specific ingredients and enough seasoning to keep the food from quickly going bad, considering the lingering summer heat.

The menu for the boxed lunch is shown below. Please note that the items are subject to change.

– Boxed lunch menu (for September 2nd,  menu for the 3rd is slightly different.)

Futomaki tamago (Thick egg omelet)

Yaki-ita kamaboko (grilled fish cake)

Salmon yuan-yaki (marinated and grilled salmon)

Skewered shrimp and cucumber in plum vinegar

Fried red bell pepper in vinegar sauce

Fried shishito (small, delicate green peppers)

Eggplant dengaku (baked and served with miso)

Simmered foods:
Ganmodoki (fried tofu fritter made with vegetables)


Dried radish strips

Sweet simmered carrot

Sushi rice with shredded ko-ume (dried salted plum), dried gourd shavings, and lotus root.

Pickled vegetables:
Ginger in soy sauce

Special note regarding the boxed lunch menu:
At Zen2.0, we will also offer vegetarian boxed lunches for those with special dietary considerations.

However, since they are limited in number, we can provide them only to those who seriously need to maintain a strict vegetarian diet.

Please note that the soup provided with the vegetarian boxed lunch is still made with bonito and other animal-derived ingredients. Also, we will be preparing our food with enough seasonings and salt to prevent the food from quickly going bad, especially during hot days like these.

On the day of the event, we will announce the location where we will be serving vegetarian boxed lunches.

Zen2.0 executive committee.