How to use the Zoom application

Thank you for registration with Zen 2.0. All sessions will be in translate form Japanese into English. You will require a device installed with zoom and earphones for maximum quality as the real-time interpretation is only offered in audio for the parts where Japanese is spoken.

・Zoom is a voice call application/service easily accessible from your smartphone. Please make the necessary preparations by installing the application on your device so as to access our service.
・Wifi connection will be arranged by the party hosting the streaming.
・We seek your understanding as there may be cases where real-time voice translation will not be possible depending on the WiFi strength. There may also be voice latency and network congestion resulting in visibility and audibility issues.
On the day of the stream, we will not be providing the rental of smartphones and earphones. Remember to have these with you.

①Setting up Zoom prior to the stream

▼Download the app from the following:

Once the App store is launched, search for “Zoom” in the same way as shown (for iPhone users)

Tap the “Zoom Cloud meetings” keyword which appears.

②Once you have installed the app and launched it on your device, you will see the member registration page where you will be asked to log in.
Choose any of the options to sign up for an account.
(For the iPhone version, it is possible to log in with Facebook etc.)

Here, register your email address and full name.

②Viewing the stream on the day itself

On the day of streaming, we will provide a URL on our website that will bring you to Zoom and let you join the stream.

Zen2.0 website:

If you can successfully connect to zoom, you will see a screen showing such a Zen 2.0 logo.

DAY-2: 9.22 Sun

Becoming aware of ‘Connectedness’
— The new possibility born from the fusion of Kamakura and the World

Speaker : Soho Machida, Takashi Matsuo, Kazune Uchida

Simultaneous interpretation :