The site for Zen2.0 is a Zen temple, which is a holy place. It is also a place for getting in touch with the Zen spirit, so please be mindful of the following.

About the Site:

  • There are no parking areas in Kencho-ji temple, so please do not arrive by car.
    The site is a 20-minute walk from Kita-Kamakura and there are only 2 buses going to the site every hour, so please give yourself plenty of time when coming.
  • There are no convenience stores near Kencho-ji Temple.
  • Cell phones other than Docomo have weak connections inside the temple area.
  • Smoking is prohibited on temple grounds. Drinking and/or bringing in alcoholic beverages is also prohibited.

About Eating and Drinking:

  • Please do not bring foods and drinks that have no lids anywhere into the site except for designated eating/resting spaces.
  • Please refrain from eating at the lecture sites.
  • Please refrain from putting drinks directly on the tatami or floor.
  • Aside from the boxed lunches that will be distributed, and the drinks that you buy from the vending machines within Kencho-ji Temple, please bring home your own trash.

About Clothing:

  • As the site is a holy place, please refrain from wearing shorts and sandals.
  • Please remove hats and facecloths when you are inside temple buildings.
  • If you are participating in Zen meditation, please wear comforable clothes, so that it is easy for you to sit for extended periods of time.
    During the meditation, we recommend taking off garments such as socks, watches, and accessories, to help you concentrate.
    We also do not recommend wearing stockings.
  • Please refrain from wearing shoes with heels, especially at Kamakura Gakuen, where entering while wearing shoes with heels is prohibited (because the heels can scratch the floor).

About Photos/Videos, and Sharing Information:

  • Photos and videos will be taken during this event that will later be shared publicly, and the media will be present to cover the event.
    There is a possibility that participants will appear in these photos and videos. We ask for your understanding about this in advance.
  • Although taking photos within the site is not prohibited, please be mindful of taking/posting photos on SNS that include regular visitors of the temple who are not taking part in our event.
    (There are also some sessions where taking photos is prohibited)
  • Please use the hashtag #zen20 when sharing photos on SNS sites.


  • Please be careful not to get in the way of regular visitors who are not taking part in our event.
  • If you see people from the temple, such as priests or trainee monks, please greet them by bowing lightly.
  • This is a place for getting in touch with the Zen Spirit. Thus, please cooperate in keeping the site organized and clean by lining up footwear in the restrooms (or “Tousu,” which means “restroom inside of a temple”)  and by taking home your own trash.